Prepping Tips For Fixing Your Guitar

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Playing a guitar takes talent and many years to practice in order to perfect.  Most people who play the guitar will start with an older guitar that is worn and really out of tune.  For those people, and for those that have newer equipment learning to repair their guitars will be a valued skill that could save them money in the future.

When it comes to boston guitar repair learning the basics will be your first step.  To begin with you will want to first get an overview of the guitar.  You want to look at the wear, tear and any major issues that may appear.  As you inspect the instrument take notes and even pictures to ensure that you covered everything and that is there is damage later after the repair it can be proven.


Strings are probably the number one thing that you will need to replace.  The strings of the guitar are what makes the noise.  The musician will use the pic to vibrate the strings in specific areas.  This vibration is what makes the noise.  To replace the strings on your guitar you will need a string winder, wire cutters and guitar string.

Loosen the strings

The first step is to loosen the strings.  Use a string winder to move the clips so the strings come loose.  You will know they are loose enough when you try to play and no sound comes out.

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Cut the Strings

Now that the strings are lose use the wire cutters to cut the wire from the sound hole. 

Remove the strings

The next step is to remove the strings.  Depending if you are using an electric or acoustic guitar will require you to remove the bridge or if you can just pull them out.  Be careful in this process.

Replacing the strings

Now that the old strings are removed all you need to do is identify the style of strings that you have been using, rethread the strings and tighten them.  Once installed you will need to tune your guitar back to its optimal playing condition.