Deciding On What To Move And What To Throw Away

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Moving to a new location be it a house or an office can be a stressful time.  Standing in the middle of the room with your hands on your hips is a sight many of us can relate to.  Looking at all of the stuff we have to pack, and move can be overwhelming.  Hiring movers aurora co to help you will take a lot of the physical work out of the equation but you still have to pack everything beforehand.

Last Touched Rule

When was the last time you touched the item?  Photos, books and items that sit on shelves can usually fall either way with this but if you haven’t touched it in over a year then it probably isn’t that important to you.  So, what is your touched it time cutoff?  Pick a cutoff time and if it falls behind it throw it out.

Organizing your boxes

Tossing everything into boxes for later sorting is not a good way to pack.  First of all, the items could become broken, lost or misplaced.  When packing you don’t have to have a box by box inventory of every item but having a general idea of some of the items in the box that are mostly important is a good idea.  This way you can go and pack these boxes yourself and transport in your vehicle while the movers move other stuff.


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Make sure that you give yourself enough time to pack.  Packing a large area in a short manner of time will lead to chaos.  Start with the least important items or the items you haven’t touched in a while.  When we do this, we lessen the clutter in the room, and we can focus on the more important items resulting in more time to pack and move.